Kingston Police Collective Agreement

In accordance with the Ontario Police Services Act, the Kingston Police Services Board is responsible for providing adequate and effective policing in the community and must: candidates for board appointments should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the police community, its values and needs; Higher governance and management skills Administrative and budgetary experience conflict management, negotiation and mediation capabilities; The ability to set organizational goals and priorities and the ability to meet the position`s important temporal commitments. While the Kingston Police Services Board has significant legal obligations, the Police Services Act also strictly prohibits its participation in day-to-day police operations. The law provides that police services can give orders and instructions to the Chief of Police, but not to other members of the police; However, the law also stipulates that a body should not direct the Chief of Police with regard to concrete operational decisions or the day-to-day operation of the police. A judge, justice of the peace, a police officer or a person who practices criminal law as a defence lawyer cannot be a member of a police service. In Ontario, a police association is a “local board of directors” in accordance with the Municipal Act, but it obtains its authority through the Police Services Act, which orders each municipality with a police force to have a police council to manage the police. Before applying, you should familiarize yourself with our new recruitment process, the fitness test and the OACP Constable Selection System by verifying that appointments to the Board are made through the Ontario Public Appointments Secretariat. Information about this procedure is available on the province`s website at The Board of Directors will hold a regular meeting on the third Thursday of each month, which will begin at 12:00 p.m. in the Kingston Police Centre meeting room or as announced in the city`s meeting schedule. In addition, extraordinary meetings are convened if necessary.

Board members are subject to the provisions of the Police Services Act and related rules, including O.Reg. 421/97, Members of Police Services Boards – Code of Conduct. Board members must work together to balance the interests of the local community with the appropriate and effective policing standards established by the Province of Ontario. Candidates who are dedicated to lifelong learning and who have become involved in the community are privileged.