Compromise Agreement Child Support Philippines

Hello, my brother is in Phils and two children are 6 and 4 years old and are not married to his partner. His partner filed a complaint under art.9262 verbally and physically abused, has a gf etc, but all these accusations are not true. But it is my brother who pays all the costs. It seems she`s pushing my brother to leave her because she has a bf alien and this guy always send their money and balikbayan box and they have a plan to do business together when the alien goes to retire to Phils. Do you think my brother has a chance to win the case? Her children are number one. He`s still supporting them. Please help me. Thank you hello I am a single mother currently moved to Canada and my son is under my aunt`s care during my stay here in Canada, my ex-spouse use my father son to help me financially, he sent me nearly 300,000 peso for my school and everything was fine in my first 2 months then when I found out he cheated on me I tried with him again the visitation rights for our son. He sent me a few more months. The realization that all the money he gave me is going to go for our children, so I suspected its for all the immigration costs, urgent need for him. Since then, I have not asked for money for our son. When he gets married, he told me if he could still visit our child, and I allow him the conditions that our child would never know about his wife and our separation.

But after a few months, he asked me to complain and harass me. Try to get the money that should be for our son. He never gives financial support to our son, he just goes for shopping toys and food and consider him support. He insists I have to pay him right now. When he visits my son, he will ask my aunt if my son can be with him for 2 or 3 days and will continue from time to time. I won`t let him either. He always when I ask where they are, he has already done 3x and always amazed me that if I did not return the money, she (him and his wife) will have custody of my son and threatens to have me deported and file estafa lawsuits against me. I`ll lose custody of my son. The last time my father, whom I gave to SPA for my sons Gabe, spoke to him to have my son, because they didn`t like to give it back at the time.

My father gave him 100k in exchange for my son and signed documents for my son to receive a petition. Yet they don`t just ask for more. Until now. And try to bluff me about Estafa`s business, child care and more. The painful part I heard from my son was his father`s wife: “paluhurin ako” “papalo ako ng hanger” “kulong ako sa cr naka off ilaw” to “kukunin daw ako ng multo sa baba ng bed,” as he explained to my 4-year-old son.