Pre Inspection Agreement

EliteMGA offers audit audit audits for policyholders in the InterNACHI program and we award them new contracts in which we cannot enter into their existing contract. To learn more about pre-verification agreements, read this column next month when we review who can sign your contract. In addition, when confronting charges, claims experts often use pre-inspection agreements signed as the first line of defense for the home inspector. They do so by emphasizing the limits of responsibility and control that are set out in them. Often, claims can dismiss reckless charges against a home inspector using the inspector`s pre-inspection contract, much like the California court referred Moreno v. Sanchez. Because pre-inspection agreements can provide inspectors with their first line of defence, insurance companies are increasingly interested in how their policyholders use pre-inspection agreements. You saw this interest when you filled out your applications to launch or renew your insurance policy. Your supplier asks, “Do you get a signed pre-verification agreement before you do any inspection of all your customers?” The answer they are looking for is an emphatic yes.

Your inspection training has allowed you to be the best home inspector you are. But no one is immune to the challenges of managing errors and inappropriate customers, so prepare your pre-inspection carefully, and make sure it`s always signed before you start working. Sometimes pre-inspection chords are difficult to interpret and understand. A pre-verification agreement should be easily readable by incorporating the correct spelling, appropriate fonts, spaces and organized text. While this is necessary, it is even more imperative that the technical details of the domestic inspection be easy to understand. Be specific in identifying key elements of pre-verification agreements. A critical element of the domestic inspection process is a pre-inspection agreement. A preliminary audit contract should be signed by clients before an inspector conducts an inspection.

A pre-verification agreement sets clear expectations and protects the home inspector from future claims and litigation. Key elements of the preliminary review agreements are included in the contract.