Sample Orea Listing Agreement

Confirmation of cooperation and representation or Form 320 is submitted to the parties in the case of a real estate transaction before the bid or sale and sale agreement is submitted. Confirmation of cooperation and representation is presented, discussed and signed by all parties prior to the offer. The purchase and sale contract establishes an irrevocable deadline – if the buyer`s offer is not accepted by the Seller within the allotted time, the offer is invalid and no longer binds one of the parties. In other words, the clock is ticking – and sometimes the seller doesn`t have much time to decide whether to accept, refuse or return the offer. Our broker only enters into a buyer`s representation contract if he is willing to make an offer for a property. Some brokers require the buyer to enter into a representation agreement before they even start looking for real estate. Here is an example of working with a brochure broker in sharp contrast, but the seller is often surprised when the purchase and sale agreement is handed over to them. Finally, this buy-and-sell agreement may seem sudden and unexpected. The seller is often introduced into the purchase and sale contract when a finished and signed version (delivered by the buyer`s real estate agent) is in front of them. Unfortunately, the seller with this important document may be totally unknown, although his property is on the market. The list agreement defines your real estate address and asks for the price and terms of the agreement between you and your brokerĀ® as well as the duration of the contract. Once the agreement has been signed, and from a mutually agreed date, Jamie will be entitled to move forward with your home`s presentation on Toronto`s multiple list services system and ahead with the rest of the advertising plan.

Let active marketing begin! A complex series of carefully planned events unfolds with great attention to detail before a broker lists a property. The list price is set, the marketing strategy is established, repairs and improvements are made, the interior of the house is staged, and the seller prepares psychologically to transfer the property to someone else. Our broker works in good faith with the buyer until he is ready to submit an offer.