Section 173 Agreement Affordable Housing

Conclusion Its very early days for affordable housing policy in Victoria with the value recording mechanism with lively debate and control of all segments. Some segments of local government want to allow developers to co-finance new community infrastructure to avoid developer use and ensure that the recorded value remains within the LGA. The attitude of many major developers is aimed at the lack of clarity and security in the planning process and very little confidence in the government. Housing companies keep reminding us that the need for subsidized housing is dwindling. But one thing everyone agrees on is the need for more affordable and social housing. A governor in the order of the Council (the Order) is part of the statutory definition of affordable housing. The College sets the income areas for very low-, low- and middle-income households for affordable housing that is not social housing. For more information on income, visit the Affordable Housing Resources page. While the provision of affordable housing across Victoria remains voluntary, we are pleased that it is being legislated as a statutory objective.

It is anticipated that the changes to the law will suggest more advice for developers to incorporate affordable housing into new developments, and we hope that more developers will do so. A mechanism to facilitate the provision of affordable housing is a voluntary agreement between a competent authority (usually a city council) and a landowner to provide affordable housing for new developments. What are we proposing? On June 1, 2018, the Planning and Environment Act was amended in three parts to facilitate voluntary agreements on the provision of affordable housing in development applications. The amendments include: 1. A competent authority may enter into an agreement with a landowner in the area covered by a planning scheme for which it is responsible. The government`s policy initiatives, Homes for Victorians: Accessibility, Access and Selection (March 2017) and Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 (March 2017) have recognized the critical need to increase the supply of affordable housing.