University Service Level Agreements

Campus departments and schools are responsible for monitoring the maintenance schedule and notifying the service if local events are affected. In most cases, the department`s communications manager is responsible for communicating service outages and changes to the department, service groups and campus when needed. Off-hours service outages are reported the next business day. The Technology Coordinator also ensures that each department is informed of significant changes to its technology services. The Office estate provides a number of professional services to the university, including capital development and project management, space management, soil management, repair and maintenance, engineering and utility services, portering, security, household services, transportation, storage and postal services. As a general rule, the division does not charge royalties for technology services common to Creighton departments and employees. However, there may be exceptions under the various service-based agreements for personalized services. For example, an hourly rate for maintenance of non-Xerox printers is NOT calculated. For more information, check out the basic office support agreement. If you have any further requests regarding the services provided and the direction and administrative structure at Estates, please visit the Estates website.

The following graph is the actual reference used by service experts to correctly classify incidents with service effects. All e-mail requests are sent within 24 hours to the appropriate service, all after-sales service requests are recorded at trial. Telephone service is available during normal operating hours. Messages left outside of business hours will be processed the next business day. This document explains how these services are provided throughout the property. Some buildings have a specific service level statement that is displayed on the site. This document outlines the services provided for unspecified services. The division encourages all service and systems managers to negotiate a maintenance window with their customers through a Service Level Contract (SLA). If a service does not have a negotiated maintenance window (alS or equivalent administration), the following guidelines apply: Contact your Technology Coordinator (TC) for services that are not included in the service catalog. The contact information for each TC is provided by TBD.